How To Stop Allergies

PersonwithDogNearTreesGrassHow to stop allergies? If you are in the midst of your pollen season, the thought that is probably most on your mind is – “My allergies are killing me!” or maybe, “What to do for allergies?” There must be a solution. Preferably an all natural, drug free solution.

The day may be beautiful. The person (or dog) you are with delightful, but…when the flowers, grasses, and trees are all in bloom, you may be in deep trouble with your allergies. This should be an enjoyable moment as the weather is finally warm and the landscape is once again beautiful. Unfortunately for those who suffer from allergies it can also be one of the most miserable times of the year.

Allergies are an abnormal immune system response, usually triggered by a specific antibody called IgE. Different people who suffer from allergies have different type of responses when it comes to certain things that cause allergies.  When you have an allergic reaction to an allergen, the body overresponds.  The body assumes that this allergen is a potentially dangerous foreign substance and prepares for an attack.

The body prepares for this attack by releasing chemicals that include histamine and leukotrienes to keep the allergen from getting further into the body (through discharges and swelling tissues) and even destroy the allergen.  What you experience is the too familiar watery eyes and runny nose.

For those who experience a severe allergic reaction they may have swelling or closing of the throat, trouble breathing, feel pains in the chest, and experience dizzy spells.  When very serious, this type of allergic reaction is called anaphylactic shock. Extreme allergic reactions happen fast – and without emergency medical treatment, they can be fatal.

Get medical help right away. if you know you are prone to these serious reactions, ask your doctor about a prescription for an “epi pen” to carry with you at all times. Then someone with you can inject life-saving epinephrine on the spot while waiting for the paramedics.

Unfortunately there is not a simple cure for allergies.  However, there are many good natural treatments to reduce your total load of allergens and improve your body’s ability to handle exposures that you cannot avoid.

Create a good allergy treatment plan for yourself.  Although you can not completely get rid of allergies there are number of precautions that can be taken as well as a plan to reduce the effects of allergies.

Here are some strategies:

Identifying the Allergen that Sets Off Your Reaction

You must first identify what it is that is causing the allergy.  You may have to retrace your steps before an allergic reaction has happened.  It could be as simple as leaving a window open and allowing pollen in from outdoors. Solution: close your windows. Get a good home air purifier.

An allergic or allergy-like reaction could also be caused by certain food that you ate — or certain chemicals in the air.  Unfortunately at times it may be hard to find out what it is that has caused the allergic reaction. Your doctors may only be able to treat the symptoms.

By keeping a journal for a few days to a week, you may be able to pinpoint what has caused your allergy.  Once you have determined the cause of your allergy you will be able to take the necessary steps to either avoid the allergen or take the necessary treatment to reduce the effect of the allergy.

Eliminate the Allergen

Now that you have determined what has caused the allergy, you can avoid it.  If it is pollen that has caused your allergy, you can keep the windows closed at the house, take natural herbs and supplements to treat your allergies,  and ride with the windows closed in the car.

You can also go outside during certain hours when the pollen levels are lower.  If you have an allergy to pollen, this means you probably should not work outside cutting down trees or cutting grass (this may be a good excuse for you in terms of home chores).

Boost Your Immune System

By taking vitamin C or eating a healthy diet that contains a high amount of vitamins it can help boost your immune system.  These foods and supplements can help protect you from some allergens you may come in contact with.  High doses of vitamin C, for instance, have antihistamine effects that can actually lessen your reaction to allergens. Look for buffered vitamin C if regular ascorbic acid causes diarrhea at large doses.

Alternatives – Natural Remedies for Pollen Allergies

You may wonder if there are any natural remedies or alternatives for how to stop allergies all together.  There is an alternative that may work in certain individuals and this is called immune therapy.  With immune therapy tiny amounts of the allergen are actually injected.  Unfortunately this does not work with every allergy and does not work with every individual. Ask your primary care provider for a referral to a good allergist.

How to Naturally Get Rid Of Allergies

The use of medications can help give you some control when it comes to allergies.  However, these drugs come with a number of side effects and risks. They can interact with other medications you must take for other medical problems. The use of  antihistamines can help stop the symtpoms – although they may have some side effects such as drowsiness and they do nothing to change your allergic tendency.

When it comes to medications there side effects may be to much for a person to handle.  This may lead you to take a more natural approach to dealing with their allergies.  For those who would like to know what to do for allergies and how to lessen the effects of allergies here is a natural remedy approach to allergies:

• Improve your immune system by eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

•  Eat colorful natural foods that are black, red , yellow, and green everyday.

•  Eat vegetables such as leeks, onions, leafy vegetables, beans radish, and sweet potatoes (unless you are allergic to them).

•  Eat foods that contain a high amount of vitamin C such as oranges, grapes, and lemons.

•  Avoid processed foods and junk food as they can contain ingredients that can worsen allergies.

•  Drink ginger tea, if tolerated, as it can improve circulation and improve lung function.

• Try anti allergy herbs such as butterbur or nettles

•  Add some quercetin or grapeseed extract to your regimen

•  Use an all natural nasal spray that does not contain meditations to keep your nasal passages clear.

•  Clear out the dust, mold and pet dander from your house – lowering your total load of allergens can make a big difference. Put in hardwood floors or tile rather than wall-to-wall carpet

•  Use your vacuum cleaner regularly

• Consider a good HEPA air purifier or filter for your bedroom and/or office where you spend the most time indoors.

Final Thoughts

How to stop allergies? You can do this, but it may mean making some changes in your environment at home and at work. Learn more about the many natural remedies for allergies available to you. In the event a serious allergic reaction does occur it is important to seek medical attention immediately.